RISE! The earth is moving!

Alright time to watch the last episode of war in the pocket.

"Hey kid shouldn’t you be in school??" A police officer asked Alfred. Alfred ran away. What he should have said was “My school was just blown up by a mobile suit didn’t you see it it’s kind of hard to miss ya jerk!!!”


Okay so I’m at a part in war in the pocket where Bernie (A zeon soldier) is infiltrating a Federation base. People from Zeon are noted to have really strong accents, and I guess they sound similar to australians? A federation soldier asks him if he’s from Australia and bernie says he’s from sydney, and says “Ahh yeah this time of year it’s blanketed in snow!” (It’s christmas time at that point) Now of course the Federation soldier figures out that Bernie’s claims are bullshit, but not how I expected. See during christmas it would be /summer/ in australia, the federation soldier tells Bernie, pointing a gun at him. Now, he’s not wrong, this is true. But there’s another really important detail both of them have forgotten. Sydney isn’t just experiencing summer at that point, it’s also smoldering damn /crater/ due to Zeon’s colony drop. I just had to chuckle.




The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular

The One-Hundredth Sword



The one-hundredth sword, paired with the Blade Drawn from Metal, spent a brief moment as part of the hope of humanity.

The Wild-Lands border the Human-Lands on three sides, north, east and west. The Human-Lands stretch all the way to the south of the world, wrapping around the pole there, however in essence only approximately one sixth of this world belongs to humanity. Outside of the Lands marked as those of mankind the beasts of the Wild-Lands lurked. The difference between Human and Wild Lands was solely the creatures that occupied it – strange unknown properties stopped, for the most part, those creatures that were still beyond humanity’s reach from entering the Human-Lands. This is why the Human-Lands is safe, why humanity could rise up as a species in a biosphere they could survive in. Outside the borders, in the Wild-Lands, the food chain stretched far further than humanity’s power could reach.

Yet still it was that humans sought to master the Wild-Lands. Travellers would train themselves to be able to combat the Beasts, those with magic would enter the Wild-Lands and the progression of human technology, the development of new materials, forms of processing and weapon design, were all dedicated to raising humans up to become the dominant species of the Wild-Lands.

To do that, the Skytwisters must be toppled. Of the species known by man, they were the strongest, flying creatures that blackened the sky with their numbers, born at a size that would allow their youngest to carry away a horse with ease. And the highest of their species, a degree apart and a scale larger than could be imagined, was the Grand Skytwister.

The Thousand Sword Smith had, for over four years now, been dreaming of a weapon which would slay such a beast. He had experimented in such methods thus far but of course lacked every skill required to create a weapon that would even scratch one of the lessers of the species. Even among his best swords now only a few would compare to the youngest of the Skytwisters – to challenge the Grand Skytwister was a hope and dream of humanity reserved for a long distant future. But he wanted to make that future reality.

Before his time with the Academy he had miraculously forged the Blade Drawn from Metal, a sword untested but which he was sure contained a hidden and incredible power. He had, on instinct alone, designed a method to draw that power out – a sword that was also sheath, which would host the Blade Drawn from Metal and cause its power to be released when drawn forth.

That sheath he had failed to make before, a prototype of the weapon completed but the true form never reached. He had lacked the skills. But now, as he drew up a block of solid metal, began marking his symbols across it, that changed. He dearly missed the Fire-Talking Girl already, for with her power working alongside his own this sword would have been far easier forged. Instead he was required to mark and heat the metal repeatedly, each time it cooled more being forged into shape. It would be a larger and heavier blade than the last sheath-sword he had made, for of course the Blade Drawn from Metal was sizable in its own right. Countless symbols were used in this forging, some simply to move the metal correctly before being destroyed by the next round of markings. But ultimately he would find success. Ultimately the sword that was sheath would be made, the Blade Drawn from Metal placed within it.

The completion of this weapon, two made one and yet still separate, marked the end of his childhood days. Five years ago he had first made his way into this forge alone to forge his first sword. And now today he forged his hundredth. And although many more years and swords would pass before he forged what would topple the Grand Skytwister, when it did fall to the earth, long in the future and with a thunderous crash, the Blade Drawn from Metal, empowered by this sheath forged for it to release its true strength, would be among the many weapons retrieved from its corpse.

I’ll do a talky post later, but for now enjoy Sword #100 - One Hundred Days of constant writing on a quest to better my writing talents

Starting war in the pocket. This will be the first series I actually haven’t seen at all in this marathon. As we go on there will be more I haven’t seen before. I have general ideas of things that happen thanks to games and the fact that this is the internet but I can still be surprised. So… Yeah! Time for war in the pocket.