RISE! The earth is moving!
ギガ&れをる ft. ルカ&リン - drop pop candy
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drop pop candy - GigaP & Reol ft. Kagamine Rin & Megurine Luka

Alright, episode 10 done. Scirocco has been introduced. Fa and Kamille have been reunited. (Fa is one of my favorite characters. She’s pretty great even if she hasn’t done much in terms of plot just yet. I know she will though she’s awesome like that.) More Zeta gundam later! I am proud of my progress so far.

WOAH! Surprise appearance from Kai! Nice! Lot of familiar faces turning up.

:0 Kamille found a Haro! Is it Amuro’s? Hmm.

Char Quattro going to macdaniels to get a burger and a Bepsi.

"Don’t you realize the federation are becoming the next Zabi clan?!"

No fucking kidding char Quattro.

Colony 30

Holy shit. Fucking titans.


I gave Cyrus and Giovanni the Pokemon ORAS redesign treatment


Battlefield KNOWS.

Every Melee Player’s Worst Fear.